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Thursday, June 30, 2011

transforsmers, oh, transformers

So I just got back from watching Transformers 3, got back home at 30 minutes past 3am, and these 3 things describe what I felt post-Transformers - frustrated, annoyed, and annoyed..ok so that's two but with the gravity of three..

Im not sure how this entry is going to benefit the public at large, but im pretty sure it will do my sanity good..i need to ventilate my frustration somewhere hence this post..i've never written a movie review and this is never intended to be's simply a personal rambling of frustration and dissatisfaction towards a movie that I happen to like..

So here it goes..

I first got to know - and sort of fell in love with - the Transformers when I first watched T2..there was so much wisdom and soul in it that the robots appeared more humane than humankind..the plot, although simple, was dense enough to capture the essence of their battle and survival..

Nothing similar, however, can be said about anticipation of this movie following the pleasant feeling that I had with T2, T3 was unable to relief the 'kerinduan' that i had towards Optimus..he was so dear n near to my heart that i just wished i could have more of him in T3..

I must say that I already felt at loss in the first quarter of the movie because there were just so many issues and scenes crammed into such a short duration that it became some sort of a touch'n'go event..there were too many stories that they wanted to tell in the early part of the movie, probably to help people understand the history of the whole thing as they unveil the hidden secrets..but in the end it all became too rapidly shifting that it was difficult to follow..well at least it was for me..and because of this, it appeared superficial..and.empty.

The characters, especially Sentinel, were not explored through..they could at least do a bit more on elaborating Sentinel's character..he is supposed to be the main focus of the whole thing but that blondie overshadowed him i suppose..And as a result, I was unable to get in touch with the characters in the movie because there were just too many..i felt disconnected..

And then there's this blondie who is so damn annoying (in fact im trying very, very hard to refrain myself from using multiple harsh words to describe her God help me!). Having her role in that movie is an insult to the depth and wisdom that the movie is supposed to portray (at least this is how it appeals to me) and it makes the whole movie, um, a blondie - posh, beautiful (questionable though) but empty.

So what if she provided that 'enlightenment' to Megatron? Her presence and the priority that they put in her role is a grave mockery to the more commendable acts of heroism by the soldiers, autobots, and Sam. And she makes Sam look so weak and naive..I mean, fighting a war and risking your life for a girlfriend who seems to be flirting with her boss right smack in front of your face? Oh come on, it's not the end of the world if she ends up dying like the rest did! Frankly, i wished she did..i wished the she would just end up *splat!* under a Decepticon tanker or something, or get engulfed by that Shockwave..

Her role in the movie steals away the exquisiteness of Transformers..her presence in the movie is as disturbing as the presence of a domestic fly that is spoiling an exclusive's noisy, annoying, and such a's supposed to be small and insignificant but because it's always *bzzzzzzzt* butting in at every corner possible, it distracts, diverts, and shifts the guests' focus and attention from a more important and meaningful issues at stake..

Of course the fighting scenes were as superb as they can possibly be, and the 'flying' squad was amazing..Optimus still maintains being stylo-oh-so-macho! as he has always been, always excellent in his fights..if the fighting scenes were replaced with humans, it would've been gory, cold, and bloody..but because these were robots fighting, it somehow appeared sickeningly cool..

The movie is already strong as it is and able to stand on its own with all the robots-transforming-and-fighting scenes, it's a shame that they had to exploit the curves of a woman to hopefully spice things up..they could've added more soul to the story and excite me with a lot more words of wisdom from the Primes.

Oh crap I hate that blondie.


  1. hahhaaha.. i hate that blondie too! aku tgk 2 kali tranformers3 nih n tiap kali aku tgk aku mgk meluat. hehehe. aku igt aku sorg je yg nyampah =P

  2. haha..aku pun ingat aku sorang je yg nyampah..glad im not alone..